Johann Haywood

Johann Haywood is the founder of the IMPACT system and has participated in fighting arts and combat sports for more than 40 years.

He has an extensive combat background, being a team leader to a specialist reaction and High Risk Unit. Johann served as a trainer/service provider to various Specialist Units.

Some of the better-known martial arts mastered by Johann are:

  • Goshin- jitsu 4th Dan
  • Ju-jitsu 7th Dan
  • Karate 7th Dan
  • Kickboxing 7th Dan
  • Amateur wrestling
  • Boxing
  • Krav Maga (Israeli unarmed combat system) Certified Level 3 International Instructor: IPP Krav Maga. South African representative to the IPP Krav maga International Association
  • Johann also persued professional Kick Boxing (record:43 matches, 40 wins, 34 knockouts) in America and Europe which led to getting involved in Shoot Fighting (No-holds-barred fighting ) where he held the international Title for 7 years.(1991 to 1997) 28 matches with 27 wins.
  • Johann also held the Guinness Book of records (1988): Fastest High Kicker - 98 high kicks in one minute.
  • Sambo (Russian fighting style taught to Russian Special Forces) - representative in South Africa .
  • World United Martial Arts Association representative in South Africa .
  • International Bodyguard Union ( England ) - representative and trainer.
  • International All Style Budo Federation: National Representative
  • WUMA Hall of Fame award
  • WSBA Instructor of the year. Awarded by Japan .
  • Diploma in Sports Coaching (Dept. Sport and Education, England at Sportex).
  • Competed against national and world champions from 17 different countries. Featured by various publications and television programs.

consultant in VIP's protection

Johann was also used as a security consultant in protecting VIP's etc.

When he applied his skills in the field, he gained experience that enabled him to form his own unique system, which incorporates the skills and techniques from different combative systems as well as real life practical experienced learned on the street.

TEACH to agencies

Today this system exists and is/was taught
to agencies/ organizations such as:

  • National Intelligence Agency
  • SANDF Special Forces
  • SAPS Special Task Force
  • SAPS Counter Assault Team
  • South African Secret Service

How can these skills enhance the service delivery of the official?

In the security environment the aggressor dictates the officials' response, and since the force level must be appropriate to the threat, the official needs to be taught how to deal with confrontation from basic submission and restraining of suspects to the official fighting for his/her life.