Reality kick-ass courses

Let’s face it, we are all potential victims. Unfortunately the average Martial Arts classes do not prepare you for real life survival situations. Most of the skills they teach worked years ago, but things have changed. No one would try to race against today’s fast cars with an oxen wagon, so why should you try and defend yourself with ancient techniques? Did you know that your predator is well trained in his area of crime? Nowadays criminals go to “highjack schools” and “knife schools” to learn their trade. We spend more and more money on entertainment and hobbies, yet we are not prepared to INVEST in our personal safety. Do your children look up to you as their protector, do they see you as a helpless victim?

It is time to do something about it! You do not have to be a victim. You can effectively defend yourself and your family. WE CAN EMPOWER YOU!

All our courses cost R450 each. This is a small investment for your safety. 
(Accommodation Available on Request)


Reality self-defence  
This course does not deal with weapon threats, but covers common attacks such as the “sucker punch” bear hugs, chokes, various grabs and much more! Are you confused by the various locks and holds taught in martial arts classes? What if your attacker is bigger and stronger than you? Will those techniques work? We teach one technique which solves most problems. When last did you train with someone who understands what really happens in an attack? Not only physically but psychologically? We understand that an adrenal dump causes most people to “go blank” or “do stupid things”. We have developed this course to help you survive!                                                                                                                                                                                 
Duration: 4-5 hours



Weapons threat defences                                                                                              
In this course we will teach you how to defend yourself against the most common knife and gun threats you will encounter. These threats are based on statistics and are the “high percentage” threats you might face. The idea is not to train you for months to defend against uncommon attacks, but to “cut to the chase” and deal with common realities. No fitness is required, only a willing mind and body. Duration: 4-5 hours   


Home defence

A PowerPoint presentation on the modus-operandi of the criminal. You need to “know your enemy” and understand what goes on in the mind of your attacker if you want to survive. You will also learn about their fears, and how to use it against them. This presentation is packed with easy life saving tips! We conclude this presentation with a practical session on using your firearm/pepper gun in defending yourself while indoors. Duration 3-4 hours 



House Clearing                                                                                

We teach skills which are not found in commercial courses. You will learn a very practical approach to 2-3 man house clearing. You will also learn how to move as a team. (Tactical advance and retreat). Most courses taught nowadays are based on the presumption that you have stun grenades, bullet proof vests and Kevlar helmets. It is also based on the presumption that you will always surprise your attackers. We do not make these presumptions and our material is based on the fact that YOU might be surprised by well-trained attackers.
Duration: 4-5 hours            


Knife and Pepper spray course                                                           

What if your attacker surprised you and you did not have the time to “draw” your pepper spray/knife? How do you use it effectively in a multiple attacker situation? Tactical training aimed towards real life scenarios are presented. We do not teach “airy-fairy” techniques!                                        
Duration: 3-4 hours


All our teachers had full contact martial arts and street combat experience. We understand and value pain. We also understand the psyche of an attacker and defender. 
We can teach you to prevail!