Weapons Training


Handgun training is provided for civilians to prepare them for a SWAT-type home and farm defense. We believe in a pro-active aproach for survival.

We cover the following areas for combative and defensive purposes:
  • Entry of buildings/House clearing
  • Exit of buildings
  • Combat skills for realistic assault scenarios
  • Correct building search procedures
  • Close quarter combat skills
  • Team combat 
  • Anti/counter hijack tactics
  • Weapon retention Arrest techniques
  • The above topics cover only a small portion of the urban and rural syllabus. 
Please contact me for more details.


Knife skills are taught for personal defense purposes. We use a system that is based on the Philippine knife fighting system and the Russian armed forces system.

We cover the following skills:
  • Different grips for different uses.
  • Angles of attacks
  • Knife versus knife combat
  • Disarming techniques ect.

  • Our courses can be tailor-made to meet all your needs!